Bloomin’ 4 Good Program

Welcome to the Bloomin’ 4 Good Program! Each month store leadership selects a different hunger organization to receive a $1 donation from the purchase of every $10.99 bouquet in the sleeve marked “Bloomin’ 4 Good.” Use the resources below to let your supporters know.

Bloomin’ 4 Good Program Overview

Fighting Hunger with Every Bouquet Sold!

Every time a shopper purchases a $10.99 bouquet in the sleeve marked “Bloomin’ 4 Good” at your given Stop & Shop location, your hunger organization will receive a $1 donation. You can help drive bouquet sales and donations with an ongoing campaign to:

  • Promote by emailing supporters.
  • Promote by posting to your social media.
  • Promote by sending press releases to local media.
  • Check in with the store to meet its leadership and check out the bouquet display and stock.

Marketing Tools for Hunger Organizations

The more you get the word out to optimize sales and donations, the more you can maximize the benefit to your hunger organization. Here are more easy-to-use tools that can help you create a complete campaign, so start spreading the news!

Bloomin’ Benefits!

Read about local hunger organizations and how they’ve benefited from the Bloomin’ 4 Good program.

Bloomin’ 4 Good

Providing fresh, healthy produce to those in need.

America’s Grow-a-Row

Bloomin’ 4 Good

Helping feed more people, better.

Island Grown Initiative of Martha’s Vineyard